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EasyStand Evolv Basic Photo


EasyStand Evolv Basic


The Evolv Basic is the most modular standing frame available. This sit-to-stand frame is available in three sizes: medium, large & XT and can cater for individuals who are 4’ to 6’ 10” (plus a growth kit) with over fifty options. It is highly adjustable to accommodate for growth or changes and can be used at home, in multi-user settings or in school/work.

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EasyStand Evolv Shadow Tray Photo



EasyStand Evolv Shadow


The Evolv Shadow like the Basic has all the options but with the added feature of a supportive tray with chest pad that ‘shadows’ you from sitting to standing. The tray flips out of the way for easy transfers and is an ideal option for a person who cannot achieve full upright standing.

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EasyStand Evolv Mobile Photo


EasyStand Evolv Mobile


The Evolv Mobile allows you the freedom to move around while standing, designed for people who can push a manual wheelchair. The kneepad flips up and push rims move forward to provide ample access for transferring.

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EasyStand Evolv Glider Photo


EasyStand Evolv Glider


The Evolv Glider provides a unique state-of-the-art Active Standing technology. Unlike passive standers the Glider combines body range of motion and upper body strengthening while standing. By adjusting the resistance cylinders from twelve different settings you can tailor your active standing program to your strength level and can be used in a rehab setting or for home use.

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EasyStand Evolv Strap Stand Photo

EasyStand StrapStand


Redesigned in 2011 the StrapStand is now available with more options than ever. No Transfers Needed – if you are not capable of transferring or patient lifting is a concern, the StrapStand may fit your needs. It is very reasonably priced and can be used to lift you directly from your wheelchair, bed or other seated surfaces into a safe standing position.


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    “I chose the EasyStand because it’s made by a reputable company & I could easily order exactly what I needed for a stander. Standing provides frame skeletal load bearing, stretch in my hip flexors, increased blood flow, as well as being good for my body overall by just being out of my wheelchair. ”

    Clinton B.,


    “Incredible, outstanding, unbelievable stander….a miracle! I believe this product will help stimulate my son’s ability to stand & strengthen his legs. The EasyStand was recommended by a representative that has been working with Jeremiah for several years, and that agency that knows their business.”

    Terry W.,


    “I love my EasyStand! I just got it about 3 months ago and look forward to using it everyday! Since I have had my Evolv, my transfers have improved and it’s so wonderful to be able to stand up straight again. I was diagnosed with MS 27 years ago and have spent the last 7 years in a wheelchair… before the EasyStand I never thought that I would get to stand on my own ever again. Thank you so much for such a great product that has had a huge and positive impact on my daily life!”

    Tom M.,


    “Seeing someone who has spent 20 years in a wheelchair finally be able to stand and look eye to eye with others takes your breath away.”

    Jennifer C.,


    “I absolutely love my stander and have seen AMAZING results in such a short amount of time. When I first started standing, the pain was so great that I could only tolerate 5 minutes. Now, I use my stander practically everyday for 2 hours. Just like any difficult task, the more you work at it…the easier it gets. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! ”

    Christa B.,